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The most kid-friendly video game creation platform, ever. Bloxels builder is a collaborative sandbox app that enables players to create, play and share games that demonstrate their personality and creative inspirations using a mix of tools to create characters, challenges, environments, objectives and stories. How does it work? Build the layout of a game, create the art, build and animate a character to play in the game and then share it. Its that easy and can be done in as little as ten minutes our expanded on with endless hours of tweaking. Building games is extremely accessible and creative expression happens instantly, making Bloxels builder a great tool for children from ages 5 to 14+ to make and play games. Bloxels builder uses a revolutionary, hands-on system for creating simple 13×13 pixel art by leveraging the Bloxels game board, a non-electronic toy (sold separately). Art created on the game board is captured and digitized with the device camera to be used in the game in a multitude of ways.

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