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Accurate non-contact thermometer

The CliniCloud Thermometer takes temperature readings quickly (2 seconds) and effortlessly – no skin contact required (up to 2 inches away). This means you can take accurate readings (+/- 0.4°F), even without waking little ones when they’re asleep. Our thermometer performs to the highest accuracy and safety standards set by the FDA.

A stethoscope anyone can use

The CliniCloud Stethoscope is a world first, designed for the general population. It records high fidelity audio so you can record any suspicious cough, wheeze, heart or respiratory concern and send it to a professional for immediate evaluation. If you’ve never used a stethoscope the app shows you how to.

See your history on the app

Save all recordings on the app and/or in the cloud. Data can be viewed in a timeline or on graphs. HealthKit enabled.

Create family profiles

Create profiles for each family member. Permission settings can be toggled to share dependents’ health data with other caregivers.

Health checkups from home

Easily share recordings via email or text. Useful for fevers, coughs, colds or wheezing. Telemedicine services available for on demand medical checkups.

Take care anywhere

We believe that in the future anyone with a cell phone connection should be able to have access to professional, fast and affordable health care wherever they go. Our mission is to build affordable, intelligent and intuitive medical devices that anyone can use. Both devices are stored in the lightweight, portable and durable case designed to be taken with you wherever you go.

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