CoffeeBar Organic Coffee Infused Energy Bar


These energy bars come packed with energy! One cup of coffee per bar and 12 bars to a box

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CoffeeBar is a caffeinated, date based bar that contains a full cup of real coffee

Unlike other energizing food products that contain synthetic caffeine, CoffeeBar is infused with real coffee, offering a natural way to stay energized while on-the-go.

CoffeeBars are made with simple, clean ingredients

CoffeeBars are made with simple, clean ingredients that you can see and taste. Every CoffeeBar is organic, vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO.

Caffeinated With Real Coffee (1 full cup)

Every CoffeeBar contains 1 full cup of real coffee. We don’t use any synthetic forms of caffeine.

Convenient, Packable & Snackable

Energized your adventure, whatever that might be. Whether running a marathon, hiking a mountain or crushing your “to-do” list, CoffeeBar gives you the natural energy you need to stay focused and accomplish your goals.

Making an Impact

We source our coffee from The Chain Collaborative, a non-profit organization that works to connect branches of the coffee industry together including NGOs, farmers, coffee-pickers, and communities impacted by the coffee trade. Every CoffeeBar purchase helps children in northern Nicaragua go to school!

Energize Your Adventure

New Grounds Food is on a mission to create caffeinated snacks, made from real, whole food ingredients, to keep you energized for all of life’s adventures.

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