Dog Backpack for Hiking

Never go without essentials for you and your dog on a hike again!

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Do You Want to Keep Your Dog Fit and Healthy?

Then this is the perfect product for you!

Maximum Visibility
Red backpack ensures maximum visibility to cars and people so you can prevent nasty accidents.

Stress-Free Dog
Give your dog a job to do. Let your dog feel a sense of purpose and refocus, proven to help prevent barking, hyperactivity and anxiety so you enjoy stress-free dog walks, exercise and activity.

4 pocket backpack can hold water bottles, poop bags, toys, collapsible dog bowls, first aid, etc. Always be prepared for any situation.

Ergonomic design distributes weight evenly so your pet is never overly exerted or strained. Prevent costly Vet visits.

Instant Harness
Clip on bags allows easy removal to instantly turn into a harness.

Machine Washable
Easy to clean saves you time and effort.

Mesh Fabric
Mesh fabric for maximum breathability. Let your dog wear it for long periods of time in comfort.

For Medium Dogs
Adjustable straps for medium size dogs. Use even as your dogs grows. This product has a long lifespan.

Keep a Fit and Healthy Dog
Physically challenege you dog. Keep a fit, healthy and happy pet with the added backpack weight. Prevent potential health issues.

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