Eight Sleep Tracker

A Sleep Tracker That’s Real Smart – Dont worry about putting it on before bed like the other ones!

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Eight Sleep Tracker – Smart & Connected Dual Zone Mattress Topper

Price: $277.97

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Make Sleep Data Discoveries

Wake up to a sleep report each morning, with everything from your total amount of sleep, to when you fell into the deepest sleep stage. Over each week and month, see how your sleep trends over time. Eight identifies patterns and provides insights so you discover how to sleep better.

Create The Dream Bedtime Routine

Design the ideal sleep routine and bedroom environment to get a better night’s sleep. From dimming the lights as you get into bed or waking up gently to a smart alarm, choose what works best for you. Any Eight feature is ‘set and forget’, so all your favorites happen automagically.

Sleep Tracking

See nightly data and discover trends to improve your sleep. The Eight Sleep Tracker uses ballistocardiography sensors to sense body movement, breathing rate, and other factors, and determine when you’re awake or asleep, in and out of bed, and in different sleep stages.

Bed Warming

A warm bed helps you relax and sleep comfortable. Set the ideal temperature for warming each side of the bed. You and your partner can select different temperatures so you both sleep better together.

Home Integrations

Sleep in a smart bedroom by connecting Eight to any other smart home product via IFTTT. Create automated triggers that simplify your evening and morning routines.

A Sleep Tracker That’s Real Smart

Sleep should never feel like a waste of time. It’s when we recharge our bodies to take on the next day, and refuel our brains on ideas to make it better. Yesterday’s work harder is today’s work smarter. To keep up with the innovators, you have to have energy. Yet in this era of health-conscious mindfulness, sleep takes a back seat. Until now.


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