God Hates Charades Party Game

Charades for a new generation. “Cards Against Humanity and Taboo met in a bar and had a baby”

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40,000 Epic Scenes

Imagine you and your friends acting like “”Jabba The Hutt blowing Neil Armstrong for a piece of the moon,”” “”Stephen Hawking telling a child their dream is stupid,”” or maybe “”Kermit The Frog taking a shit in the litter box.”” Whatever the scene, we promise you’ll be laughing so hard your face will melt off like those Nazi jerks in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Everyone is always playing

During every turn all of your friends get to play as everyone guesses, even when they are not acting. Play time takes about 30 minutes and even your stupidest friends will have a blast. Remember, just because you’re playing a board game doesn’t mean you have to be bored.

Support for 3-15 of your friends

The game can be played any place that has people; like church, a funeral, or somewhere more depressing like your childhood bedroom.

Awesome Artwork

Lose yourself in our beautifully demented artwork from award-winning Illustrator Damien Weighill.

Our supportive community

From mass groups at conventions eagerly playing, to card ideas from our players, people love our game.

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