Intelligent Waste Totem Garbage Trash Can Unit with Recycling Bin

The all-in-one garbage system everyone needs in their home

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Product Refills

Replacement custom liners for the general waste unit and drawer unit, compostable liners for the caddy and odor filters are all available separately.

  • Custom liners
  • Compostable liners
  • Odor filters

Intelligent Waste

By Joseph Joseph

Introducing Intelligent Waste by Joseph Joseph, specifically created to cater to the various waste and recycling needs of modern life.

The Totem is a range of waste separation and recycling units designed by PearsonLloyd, with improved waste disposal in mind. Occupying the same space as a conventional kitchen trash can, Totem offers many more functions without compromising on capacity.

  • Available in 16 Gallon size
  • Available in Stone and Graphite





General Waste Compartment

Totem 16-gallon has a 9.5 gallon general waste compartment, large enough to accommodate waste from even the busiest kitchen.

The removable inner bucket secures trash liners inside and breathing vents make removing trash bags much easier.

Multi-Purpose Drawer

The multi-purpose drawer comes with a removable divider which is perfect for separating different types of trash or recycling.

Removable Food Waste Caddy

The food waste caddy fits perfectly into either the general waste compartment or the multi-purpose drawer. It’s also stylish enough to leave out on a countertop.

A bag-retaining ring inside ensures that the compost liner stays in place. Custom-fit, compost liners are available for the perfect fit.





Odor Filter

Designed to help eliminate unpleasant odors and ensure that you don’t need to remove a half-empty bag just because of the smell. The carbon filter is discreetly integrated into the underside of the lid and is quick and easy to change.

Stainless-Steel Lid

Totem features a fingerprint-proof stainless-steel lid with touch-button release. The main body is made of powder-coated steel and comes in two colors, Stone and Graphite.

Wheeled Base

Totem can also be easily moved around the home by using the integrated handle on the reverse and wheels on the base, meaning no more scuff marks on the kitchen floor.

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