Parrot Flower Power – Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Bluetooth Smart Plant Sensor

Keep your plants alive and healthy with this innovative invention!

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Garden — monitor multiple plants at the same time

With the Parrot Flower Power App, you can track the status of multiple Flower Power sensors, and the health of your whole garden.

“To Do” list

As well as monitoring the status of different plants, the Parrot Flower Power App will create a “To Do” list based on current alerts and the predicted status of your plants over the next few days.

Water & Fertilizer

The Parrot Flower Power App monitors the moisture level in the soil surrounding your plant and can track it over time, allowing you to plan for regular watering. By also tracking the fertilizer levels, you’ll be able to plan when to add plant food to your scheduled watering.

Heat & Light

The Parrot Flower Power App will give you a chart of the temperature levels in the soil of your plant and compare it with the ideal levels for your chosen plant species. The Parrot Flower Power sensor also keeps track of the amount of light your plant is receiving and will warn you when conditions are too shady or too bright.


When the water, heat, light or fertilizer levels of your plants are in need of special attention, the Parrot Flower Power App will create an alert to tell you what needs to be done.

Planning ahead

If all the levels are currently good, the Parrot Flower Power App can help you plan ahead for when you need to water or feed your plants.

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