Polar Ice Tray

Make perfect spherical ice cubes at home – Enhance the taste of your drinks!

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Polar Ice Tray

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Melts more slowly than regular ice

Crystal clear ice melts more slowly than regular ice because it is just water (no air bubbles). Secondly, our ice is round, so it has less surface area than regular ice cubes. Both these factors keep your drink colder for longer without diluting it.

Prevents Frostbite

The Polar Ice Tray is made of PU foam and silicone mold. Since it’s not made of metal, the tray will never freeze to your skin and cause frostbite.

Usage Tips

The ideal freezing temperature for making crystal clear ice is -0.4F (-18C). Using a warmer freezer setting will take longer to freeze, while using a colder freezer setting may cause needle-like bubbles to form.

Let your tray rest for 3-5 minutes after pulling it out of the freezer. This helps make the ice easy to remove.

Prepping for a Party? Make your spheres of crystal clear ice ahead of time and store them in our ice accessory, the Polar Ice Tube.


1. Add water
2. Put it in the freezer
3. Wait 8-12 hours
4. Enjoy!


Our mold is doesn’t take up valuable freezer space.

It’s also more affordable than our competitors!


We offer 4 unique colors — perfect for parties, gifts and great addition to your at-home bar.

Unleash your creativity by adding flowers, herbs or fruit to your crystal clear ice sphere!

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