The Retro Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

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For about a year after the iPad came out, keyboard cases were all the rage. As time passed the touchscreen technology got better, we got more used to capacitive touch, and now you hardly ever see keyboard cases around anymore. Some of us do rely on our keyboards still, but generally now we move away from our tablets or iPads when we need to type. “500 characters? Yeah. I’ll fill this out later when I’m at the computer.”

For a lot of us, Qwerkywriter might turn that trend around. It looks like an old manual typewriter, complete with aluminum housing, and it pairs up with your Bluetooth┬«-enabled devices to give you a more traditional way to type on them. The typewriter-inspired keycaps have that luscious concave surface with touch-type support and chrome rims. And they’re built on mechanical switches, so they’re clicky. The familiar chrome carriage return lever defaults to the enter key, but you can program a macro of up to 5 characters into it. Basically, it’s been dang hard to write this copy, because we’re drooling so much that the keyboard’s damp. Which means we’re probably going to need a new keyboard, and we know just the one….

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