Rainbow Vision Sand Picture By Klaus Bosch “Aurora Borealis”

Amazing Sand Picture of Aurora Borealis

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Klaus Bosch’s Rainbow Vision Sand Pictures are interactive, ever-changing, mesmerizing and versatile art pieces. Put them on your desk and watch them evolve with a new creation with each turn. Put our movies on the wall and enjoy the added dimension of the image to enhance the performance of the sand. We offer a range of Sand Pictures for every budget and every person. The Wall Type Movies are 13 x 8.5” and are perfect for the desk at home or the office. This size of Movie makes great wall art but can also be put on a table (all hardware included). The Aurora Borealis is a fantasy. The falling sands seem to set the Northern Lights alive as they fall to make mountains, valleys and dunes. Prominent sands are turquoise, blue, black and white.

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