Seek Thermal XR Imager for iOS-Apple

The worlds MOST advanced thermal imager for the phone!

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Seek Thermal XR Imager for iOS-Apple

Price: $238.71

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Seek Thermal engineers, designs and manufacturers high quality thermal imaging products and core platforms for consumer and commercial applications.

Founded by industry pioneers who spent 40 years advancing the state of military and professional-grade thermal technologies, Seek Thermal has developed a new breakthrough series of thermal imaging cameras that are designed for your smartphone.

Seek CompactXR

Made for iPhone

Powerful and portable, the Seek CompactXR is a state-of-the art thermal imaging camera that connects directly to your smartphone. Using over 32,000 thermal pixels, CompactXR detects invisible infrared light and displays a visible heat signature on your phone.

Sometimes you need to see further—and with Seek CompactXR, you can. With its narrow 20 degree field of view, CompactXR has nearly twice the distance as Compact, making it perfect for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Simply connect-and-detect at up to 1800 feet away.

  • 206 x 156 Thermal Sensor
  • 1,800 ft. Distance
  • Narrow, 20° Field of View
  • Detectable Range of -40° to 626° F
  • Operates in Total Darkness
  • Free Mobile App Included
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