Sense Sleep System – Cotton (Previous Generation – 1st)

This thing does it all – Sleep Sounds, Sleep Monitor, and Smart Alarm. Morning you will thank us

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Meet Sense

The simple system that helps you understand your sleep, and wake up feeling great. By monitoring the conditions of your bedroom and recognizing your movements during the night, Sense is able to give you detailed insights into how you can sleep better.


Sense sits close to your bed and uses state-of-the-art sensors to monitor the environment in your bedroom before and during your sleep.

Sleep Pill

The Sleep Pill recognizes your movement during the night, so it knows when you’re drifting off our sound asleep. There’s nothing to wear — it clips right to your pillow.

iOS and Android App

Use the Sense app to see what happened during your night, set your Smart Alarm, and learn what helps you sleep best with detailed insights about your sleep patterns.

Use Sense with a partner.

Sense is designed to fit around your life, not complicate it. With a high precision accelerometer inside a casing barely bigger than a quarter, your Sleep Pill recognizes your sleep through your movement during the night without ever needing to be charged — its replaceable battery will last an entire year. All you have to do is just keep it clipped to your pillow, and sleep. That’s it.

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Sense app

Learn about the Sleep Timeline, Sleep Score, Insights, and Smart Alarm to discover how Sense helps you sleep better.


View a detailed analysis of your sleep cycles, and see how even minor interruptions to your sleep, like tossing and turning, can impact the quality of your rest.

Sleep Score

Each morning, you’ll receive a personalized Sleep Score — out of 100 — based on the conditions of your room and how you slept the night before.


As Sense learns more about your sleeping patterns and the environment of your bedroom, it will begin to offer personalized suggestions to help you sleep better.

Smart Alarm

Sense will wake you up while you’re in the lightest part of your sleep cycle, up to 30 minutes before your set time. That way, you wake up at the best time for you.


Sense uses a variety of sensors to monitor the conditions of your environment before and during your sleep. Learn how even minor interruptions to your sleep, like a car alarm going off outside your window, can keep you from a getting a good night’s rest.

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