ShotTracker for Basketball

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You Can’t Improve What Your Don’t Measure

ShotTracker has 3 components: a wrist sensor, a net sensor and the App. When you shoot, the wrist sensor captures the shot attempt. The net sensor captures whether the shot was made or missed, and the results are sent to your mobile device where the ShotTracker App stores all your shooting stats.

Want to Play Like Klay?

“To get where you want to be, you have to train with game-time intensity all year long. ShotTracker helps players do this and holds them accountable.” Klay Thompson, NBA World Champion.


With over 100 elite workouts and drills, ShotTracker gives you the tools to improve your game.


As a member of the ShotTracker community, you’ll get access to free virtual camps and challenges run by the pros. Improve your game, dominate the leaderboard and win killer prizes.


Use ShotTracker regularly and you’ll have the data you need to optimize your workouts. Are you weak on the right side or left? Free throws or jumpers giving your trouble? All your data is in the app.

Every Shot Counts

The pros know it. Coaches know it. Repetition is the key to a great shot. ShotTracker makes tracking your progress easy, and it keeps you motivated with free workouts, virtual camps and challenges.

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