singlecue Gen 2 – gesture control for home devices

Your home just got smarter.

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singlecue Gen 2 – Remoteless Control for Your Living Room Devices. Compatible with Alexa


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Wrap Your Home Around Your Finger

Upgrade your TV, cable box, Apple TV, Philips Hue lights and more devices with gesture control. Simply lift your finger and enjoy the freedom of switching the channel on your cable, choosing a show to watch on your Apple TV, or setting your preferred lighting with a simple click of the finger. singlecue brings even greater simplicity by letting you control a group of devices with just a single gesture. Got an incoming call? No worries – mute your TV by lifting your finger to your lips in a “shush” gesture. It’s that simple.

Your Home Keeps on Getting Smarter

Singlecue automatically updates new features and functionality all the time – so you don’t have to do a thing. Simply sit back and enjoy the ease of controlling your home devices. When new devices come out, singlecue automatically offers added compatibility, making sure you always enjoy the best experience with the devices you have at home.

Plug it in

Plug singlecue to the power and give your home gesture control. No other wire is required.

Open the app

Our friendly mobile app will easily connect singlecue to your home devices. No hard connections or handyman work required.

Start gesturing!

That’s it! Get that finger ready. Simply lift your finger and select the device and function you would like to control.

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