SonicPower: World’s Fastest Wireless Charger for iPhone 6/6s

You can quick charge and hold your iPhone 6/6s in just one simple action

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About this project

We’re making a wireless charger. It can charge and hold your iPhone 6/6S just in one simple action, conveniently and effectively making life easier.

You can use it in car:

Constantly charging your iPhone 6/6s:

Of course you can also use it at home or in office:

To have a satisfying user experience:

The case can also protect your iPhone stylishly.

SonicPower promises you a brand new and happy charging experience:



Convenient Charging: Its strong magnetic connection ensures a firm hold for the phone. Moreover, you can adjust it to any angle at will.

Effective Charging: The gilded electrode and Pin are durable and corrosion resistant, ensures a persistent and effective charging.

Strong Magnetic Connection: the SonicPower mount has strong magnet, ensuring the phone is firmly attached even on bumpy roads.

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Quick Charging: SonicPower is the fastest wireless charger for smartphone on the market. Compared to Qi, SonicPower will charge your smartphone 50% faster.(The test below starts from 3% battery life)

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