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This cube moves more smoothly than the traditional Rubik’s Cube

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Have you ever heard of speed cubing?

It’s the latest and greatest way to solve a Cube,
and it’s about to suck you in – along with your family and friends!
Everything you need for hours upon hours of 3D, brain-teasing fun
is right here in this super-cool, eco-friendly package.

Open it up, and you’ll find a great little speed cube packed with
all the features a champion cuber could want:

You can’t solve a puzzle without precise movements, and the speed cube from
aGreatLife lets you cut corners with a snap without absolutely
mashing your cube. Just a gentle touch is all you need, and if you want even
smoother operation, try lubricating your cube with a silicone-based
oil. Now that’s smooth!

Were you frustrated with your old cube when the stickers started peeling off
and the colors faded? So were we. This next-generation speed cube gives you
the most vivid colors and solid stickers – perfect for hour after hour of speed
cubing mayhem!

Worried about your cube suddenly jamming on you? Don’t be. With our
anti-popping technology, you can bang away till you’re blue in the face and your
cube won’t lock up or pop once. It’s truly the pinnacle of brain-bending fun!

If anything goes wrong with your speed cube, or you decide it’s just not for you,
aGreatLife will promptly replace it or pay you a full refund.

No one falls out of love with the Cube.
Add one or several to your cart today, and cube on!

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