Wine Stoppers – No More Spills Leak-Proof Wine Saver, Locking Bottle Cap For Safe Sideways Fridge Storage With Snap On Cap Preserver Cork

Save and store those bottles of wine easily in your fridge

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AVINA wine bottle stoppers – an innovative NEW design to save money and take more enjoyment from wine drinking

If you save an open bottle of wine for another day, you don’t want it to taste bad.

You definitely don’t want to struggle pushing a cork back in, or tediously pump a stopper into the bottle, only for the contents to spill all over the fridge.

Well now you never have to worry about these problems ever again.

*Keep wine fresh and secure, even when laying bottles on their side.
*This stopper securely clamps around opened bottles locking in flavor and preserving contents for up to 5 days.
*Designed to protect expensive wine, this cap is easy to use at home or on a picnic, simply lock and pop to seal your bottle.
*Wine preservation has never been easier, even for those with restricted hand movement, this hermetic seal provides airtight storage and is a great accessory for any wine lover.
*Environmentally friendly, reuse old wine bottles for water, juice, dressings, marinades or olive oil and help the ongoing effort to reduce negative environmental impact.

AVINA bottle stoppers are designed to work with over 90% of wine bottle sizes, but with so many variations we can’t guarantee it will fit all. *This wine bottle stopper is not suitable for most Champagne, Cava, Prosecco or Sparkling Wines.

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