WITTI Design BEDDI Smart Radio Alarm Clock Speaker w/ Smart Home Integration

The best concierge for your nightstand!

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App Controlled and Fully Customizable

The BEDDI app allows you to customize BEDDI to your liking. Easily set up to 4 different alarms for specific days or the week with your favorite alarm sound or music, ideal alarm volume, and preferred snooze duration. You can also choose to receive weather and traffic information on your smartphone screen.

Spotify Integration – Wake up to Your Favorite Music

BEDDI includes two high quality speakers that can wake you up to your favorite music and start your day in the perfect mood. BEDDI fully integrates with Spotify (requires Spotify Premium account) so you can use a smart button to trigger a saved playlist. You can select a different playlist for weekdays and weekends. You can also stream music from your phone via other online music players such as Apple Music or Google Music.

Programmable Smart Button Control

BEDDI smart buttons allow you to trigger your smart home devices with just one click. You can toggle your Philips Hue light, trigger your Homekit Scene, adjust your room temperature via Nest or even call an Uber!

Multi-Color Mood Light and Wakeup Light

Whether you have a relaxed or romantic evening, the BEDDI mood light can create the perfect atmosphere. It even reacts to your music! BEDDI also includes a wake up light that simulates a sunrise by gradually brightening to help you wake up naturally.

Mutliple USB Charging Ports

BEDDI includes one 2.1A port and one 1A port for charging your smartphone, wearable, or other devices. The 2.1A port is rapid charging, which is especially good for tablets.

Provide the Best Wake Up Experience

At Witti we believe that good design and function can be combined effectively. Starting the day off right is important and your wake up experience sets the tone for the rest of your day. The BEDDI incorporates all features of a standard alarm clock radio into a very attractive and functional design, then goes a step further and automates many of your morning tasks so you can wake up and skip some of the routine to focus on getting ready for the day.

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